Renovating Your Bathroom


Whether you’re moving into a new house or just feel like you want a new bathroom, there are many ideas that you could use to renovate your bathroom. Here are a few tips and ideas to create a new bathroom that you will love.

Decide on the style that you want for your bathroom. Will it be classic, modern, colourful or eclectic? The style will be personal to you and what you like. A classic bathroom would be made up of white elements. A modern style would take elements like stones or bling. A colourful style will combine bold colours to create a funky look. An eclectic style will bring together many different elements like items that bring back memories or unusual and interesting pieces. When you do decide on a style, stick to it.

When you know what style you’d like for the bathroom, you’ll need to determine what colour scheme will best represent the style you have in mind. For a modern bathroom you can make the bathroom a glossy black and add touches of bling and chrome. You could choose from a rainbow of colours, it’s all up to you. A yellow bathroom will be bright and fun, blue will be soothing and white or cream are great neutral colours. Of course, there are many different colours you can choose from and it will all depend on your imagination.

Now you can choose the bathroom tiles. There are floor and wall tiles that you will have to decide on. Will the floor and wall tiles be the same type, or will you have a different tile for the floor and for the wall? You can add decorative trim along the walls to create an interesting décor style. There are so many options when it comes to tiles but make sure that you select a tile that complements that colour scheme and the style you are going for. The tile makes up a big part of the bathroom so you want to make sure that you make a good decision.

Choosing the right bath, basin and toilet will complete the look of the bathroom. But it must also be functional. Keep the colour, style and functionality in mind when you select these bathroom items. You also need to choose taps that will suit the style. Once the bathroom is completed you can add decor to it. This would be a stylish mirror, a pot plant, and the towels to enhance the look.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom the type of tile and sanware you decide on can give you the bathroom of your dreams.

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