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In South Africa, power outages and electricity load shedding is a reality that we have to deal with. At Elite Trade Centre we make provision for random power outages by being able to supply Load Shedding and Solar Materials.

It is important to gear your business and home with alternative energy solutions and solar is a good and natural source of electricity. Plus it is a bonus that it is a quiet form of energy. All you need is the sun to create solar energy. And the solar panels, of course.

We have all the solar materials available to make solar panels for energy generation. To do so, we require information on how much energy you want to generate for your building. When you contact us or visit our shop, please let us know what size the building is, which appliances need to be powered and how often energy is needed. We require this information so that we can provide you with the correct quantity of solar materials to successfully power your building. Energy needs to be created by the solar panels and the sun rays so to do this. A certain size of solar panels and energy storage device will be needed. Specific calculations will have to be done to ensure that we provide you with the right size and the correct amount of solar panel materials.

Solar energy is the way forward and with South Africa being such a sun rich country it is easy to see why. Solar energy is also much more cost effective in the long run because once the initial set up is done, the electricity is generated for free.

Contact Elite Trade Centre for all the Load Shedding and Solar Materials you would need to power up your building.

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Come and visit Elite Trade Centre and experience our excellent customer service. Plus, we have a Credit department that can also provide you with loan to finance your building materials, if you require.

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