Welcome to Manufacturing

At Elite Trade Centre we have a Manufacturing department. We can manufacture roof tiles, velt toilets, concrete and steel houses for you.

We manufacture Roof Tiles according to your specifications so you can order the exact amount that you would need for your building project and be assured that you will have enough tiles for roofing to cover the building.

We manufacture Chicken Houses for farmers that need a housing facility for the chickens they breed. This can be built according to your size specifications.

We can manufacture steel houses based on your requirements. This will be a complete structure with all the specifications taken into account during the manufacturing process.

We manufacture Concrete Houses according to your requirements and a complete structure can be completed when you supply all the necessary information.

In our Manufacturing department we are also able to manufacture Velt Toilets. This allows us to create Velt Toilets that are manufactured according to your requirements.

We have an experienced Manufacturing department that is knowledgeable and skilled. Our team is focused on attention to detail when it comes to all of our manufacturing projects because we pride ourselves on offering you quality workmanship along with our quality building materials.

You are welcome to visit our store and come see our workmanship first hand. You will also find that we have all the materials right here in our shop which makes the manufacturing process so much easier and quicker. Getting things done is that easy for us because we are a one stop building shop. Wherever possible we also provide a delivery service to your required location. So when you come to Elite Trade Centre, you know that the job will get done and it will get done speedily.

Get in touch with us and tell us what you need manufactured, namely Roof Tiles, Chicken House, Concrete House or Velt Toilet. Give us the plans for the structure. And we will build it according to your specifications.



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