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Elite Trade Centre has a complete Building Hardware section to cater for all your building construction and renovation requirements.

Our Building Hardware store has a range that includes the following products and more:

Nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners, nails, washers, hooks, rivets, turnbuckles, ferrels, hinges, chains, locksets, door handles, and a lot more.

Building Hardware products are necessary for many building and renovation projects because it’s the little things that make living or working in a building so much more convenient as well as safe. The right size screws will make all the difference to ensure that a door is fitted correctly and that washer may be just the thing you need to complete or repair that toilet in the bathroom. Every screw and every bolt, as small as they may be, plays the biggest role in the safe assembly of various items around a home or factory.

We also have a range of safety products to ensure the safety of your home or building. These include safety locks, door locks, lock mechanisms, safety bars, and safety gates, amongst others. Installing safety products around your home, office, factory or warehouse are essential. You must be sure that when you leave, the doors are securely locked to avoid unwanted entry. When you’re inside, security is even more important. We have a selection of safety Building Hardware to put your mind at ease.

We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of Building Hardware to accommodate all your requirements. Ask our friendly team to assist you with finding the right products to complete a project or a particular renovation task. They will gladly guide you along the way. We stock a variety of brands, types and sizes when it comes to Hardware products. That way we know you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

Visit our Building Hardware store to view our wide range to get the job done.

Building Hardware


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