Steel Houses Manufactures

Elite Trade Centre supplies and manufactures steel houses for various uses. We have our own workshop with skilled artisans that are able to manufacture steel houses according to standard and custom sizes. If you were in the market for a standard zozo you will find that we have a selection available that are ready-made. If you’re lucky you could even get it on special. We usually supply only the steel structure without the doors and the windows because we leave this option to you. As there are so many options available we want to give every customer the freedom of choice so you can choose whatever you prefer. At Elite Trade Centre we also have a wide range of doors to choose from as well as various windows and window frames available. So you can select from the different doors that we have in our store and you can decide on which windows and window frames will best suit the steel house that you choose.

Alternatively, we can manufacture custom steel houses. Perhaps you want to have a specific sized shed for your garden tools in your back yard. Or maybe you want it to be a specific size because you want to use it for your woodwork projects so they must be enough room for storage too. You can count on us! Just tell us what you’re going to need it for and how big it should be then we can assist you. The exact measurements will be required because you want to make sure that the structure will fit into the space you have it planned for.

Come and visit Elite Trade Centre and experience our excellent customer service. Plus, we have a Credit department that can also provide you with a loan to finance your steel houses, if you require.