Welcome to Building Tools

Elite Trade Centre houses a large range of Building Tools for every building and construction project.

Building Tools are essential for building structures such as houses and various buildings. Before you commence with your next building and construction project, you will need certain Building Tools to get started. And you’re in luck because we have everything you’ll need such as a hammer, wheel barrow, drill, saw, ladder, axe, spirit level, measuring tools, crowbar, bolster, chisel and various other hand tools.

We have a complete range of Building Tools necessary to build any structure you want. Builders also know that the right tools can make a building task easier and it can also get the job done faster. At Elite Trade Centre we have all the tools to help you to get the project done quicker because we understand that time is money. This selection of tools is available at your fingertips when you visit our shop. Plus we have a knowledgeable team who can assist you with finding the tools that you need. They can also give you guidance as to which tools will do the job done better. And isn’t that what you need? A one stop building shop who understands all your building needs and can help you with your next project. We take building seriously because we know that every construction project is important and we want to ensure that every building is constructed well.

You are welcome to come to our one stop building shop to see our wide selection of Building Tools for yourself. Feel free to speak to one of our helpful shop assistants to guide you around the shop. Plus, you can also speak to our Credit department if you require financial assistance by means of a loan to complete your next construction project.

Building Hardware


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