How to Choose Bathroom Tiles for Your New Bathroom

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When it comes to renovating any part of your home it can seem daunting at first but the thought of your new ideas coming to life will be more than enough to keep you excited. This excitement will carry you through the dust and grit of building your new bathroom.

Planning your new bathroom will be fun because you can choose the design and style along with all the necessary elements to suit your ideas. You can decide on the basin, the bath, the shower, the type of toilet and all the accessories that will accent the style such as the taps and the bathroom tiles. When it comes to the tiles it may sound like it will be a quick decision making process because it’s just tiles, right? Not at all, you have a lot of planning to do when it comes to this part of the renovation project.

When you have the idea for the style of the bathroom you will have chosen a colour already. This would be whatever colour you like such as a pure white and chrome look or perhaps grey is the base colour or maybe you love the shades of brown and beige. The colours will help you to decide on the colour for the bathroom tile. There are many colours to choose from so once you are able to narrow down the colour you can proceed to the next step. Now that you’re in the tile section that has the colours you want on display you need to decide on the type of tiles. Will you have a wall and a floor tile or will you rather opt for one that can be used for both the floor and the walls? If you go for the different tiles then you can select one style for the walls such as a patterned effect and another style for the floor which could be more of a plain style to create balance in the design. This option allows you to choose a glossy type of tile for the wall which will give the bathroom a more interesting appearance whereas for the floor you can select a non-slip tile.

Another part of the bathroom design you will need to decide on is whether you want to tile the walls all the way to the top. Some people choose to tile only about two thirds of the wall from the bottom up due to budget constraints. However, when the full wall is covered it looks more stylish and complete. You can also choose to accessorise a border midway along the wall with a different style of small square tiles as a horizontal strip to add more interest to the design of the wall.

When you are tackling a new renovation project like this there can be a lot of expenses involved so instead of compromising on your design ideas you can rather look for specials at a bathroom tiles sale. You have a certain budget that you have to stick to and there are ways to get what you want within your planned budget if you are willing to do a little more legwork.

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