Power Solutions If You Want To Go Off the Grid

Solar panels

As a society we have become reliant on electricity. Everything we do requires electricity like cooking, working and communicating. So when there’s no electricity it is very noticeable and that is something that we have to deal with because often we are subject to load shedding or power outages that are beyond our control.

Fortunately electricity from the local municipality is not your only source of energy. There are other power solutions that could take you off the grid.

• Gas. Gas is able to power a number of appliances. The appliances include heaters to keep the room warm, certain refrigerators can be powered by gas, gas stoves and ovens for every day cooking. Gas is readily available from various outlets and it can last quite a long time if you use it correctly. A large gas tank can power a stove for a number of years.

• Generator. A generator is powered by fuel that you can get at the fuel station at any time. Although a generator is quite loud it is capable of powering up a household. Before you get one you have to assess how many appliances you use in the house and how often you use it then you can determine what size generator will work efficiently.

• Solar energy. Solar energy is becoming increasing popular especially in the southern hemisphere where the sun is so prevalent. The sun shines almost every day so generating electricity from the sun is a viable option. You will also need to assess the size of your household to determine how many solar panels you will need to power up your home. The initial expense of solar materials and panels is quite high but the offset is that you don’t have to pay for electricity on a monthly basis. In essence, the solar panels pay for themselves. To start with you could just get a solar geyser to see how it works. A geyser does use a lot of electricity so the solar version could cut your electricity bill with a substantial amount.

Load shedding and unscheduled power outages are forcing people to look for other ways to power their appliances and ultimately their homes and businesses. So it’s good to know that gas, fuel and the sun are all viable solutions to this problem.

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