Want To Replace Your Toilet?

If you’re a handymen, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a new toilet.

  • Will you use a one piece or two piece toilet?
  • What type of installation do you need?
  • Did you measure the space where the toilet will be installed?
  • If you can, get a toilet from a reputable building materials store.
  • Do you want a circular or elongated toilet bowl?

Once you’ve consider the abovementioned, here are some features to consider too:

  1. Saving water. Highly efficient toilets can complete a flush with 4.8 litres or less per flush, as opposed to conventional toilets that use 6 litres.
  2. Dual flush. This is a fairly modern option where you can choose a toilet that can provide you with the ability to have a partial flush for liquids or a full flush for solid waste.
  3. Bowl shape. An elongated bowl takes up more space but provides more seating space and allows fewer odours to escape. However, an elongated bowl could be up to 15 centimetres longer than a standard bowl.
  4. One piece toilet. Two piece toilets cost less than one piece toilets but they tend to accumulate dust in between the tank and the bowl. One piece toilets do cost a bit more and can be harder to install. As for performance they are pretty much the same.
  5. Flush systems. Look for newer flush towers that are more reliable than old flappers. Pressure assist toilets are also more water efficient flushers than gravity toilets.
  6. Colour. Many people, over 80 percent choose the traditional white option. There are more people that are more daring and opting for new exotic colours.
  7. Water lines. Use flexible stainless steel water lines rather than rigid chrome-plated copper lines.

Hopefully this guide helps you in picking out your new toilet from Elite Trade Centre.

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