How To Pick Tiles For Your Kitchen


Renovating a kitchen can be a big task to tackle but when you power through it can be such a good feeling when the result is visible in the end. Before you reach that final step you have to take the first step. And that is the one where you have to make all the decisions about the kitchen design first.

The first thing that you want to consider is the design and layout. You want a new kitchen but what should it look like? Will it be a modern kitchen with clean lines and light colours or will it be a traditional design with wood features and curved lines? Next, you must be clear on the colour scheme. Maybe you already know what you want otherwise you can see what colour schemes you like on TV shows or in magazines. The last thing you want is a kitchen that has a clash of colours because you were undecided in this area.

If you like the modern look then you might consider white as the main shade with a touch of colour like blue, red, orange or green. You can use tiles to bring this colour to life. White with a pop of colour will look amazing. Select cabinets that have a glossy appearance because this will give the impression of both modern elements but also of a classy kitchen. When you enhance it with a pop colour like green tiles it becomes satisfying to look at. That’s not all, you can enhance the tiles even more with stunning mirror effect mosaic tiles that are placed in a horizontal line between the green tiles. This gives the kitchen an instant glamorous look.

There are still many people who are in love with the traditional kitchen because it brings back warm memories of their childhood. They might want to recreate that warm feeling for their children. The traditional kitchen contains warmer elements of wood. This can be used throughout the layout of the kitchen. Wood cabinets are beautiful and classic. You will have to go to a tile supply store with a sample of the wood from the cabinet to see which tile will work best. Take the wood sample with you and go to the tiles that are similar in colour to the wood. When you place it side by side you will be able to determine which tiles will look better. Depending on the style of tile you chose you could consider mini tiles as an accent feature, but this will depend on your preference.

Redesigning a kitchen can take a bit of time and a lot of effort but consider the short term discomfort versus the long term benefit. Your family will enjoy a lot of happy times in the new kitchen and you will enjoy cooking and baking much more when you do it in a kitchen you absolutely adore. Plus imagine how envious your friends will be when they visit your home and glance at your beautifully remodelled kitchen. They will be more than impressed and you can boast to your heart’s content.

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