Ensure That Your Home Is Wired Correctly


Whether you are moving into a new house or have been living in your house for decades, one thing is certain and that is you must be certain of your house’s electrical wiring. You must make sure that it is up to standard.

When you buy a new house you must first make sure that all the electrical wires and lights are wired properly and that it is functioning correctly. There should be no loose electrical cables lying around or any visible sparks when you switch on a light or an appliance. This could prove to be dangerous. The electrical cabling in your house must be compliant with safety standards. For this you will need a professional electrician to inspect the house before you move and they will supply you with a compliance certificate if they are satisfied. If they do not issue you with a certificate of compliance they will tell you what needs to be fixed. If light switches must be replaced because it represents a hazard then do so immediately. If there are loose or damaged electrical cables wherever they indicate then you will need to replace it with new ones. The electrician will advise you to go to an electrical cable supplier and to get the suggested length of electrical cable. Alternatively the electrician may have their own preferred electrical cable suppliers where they may get the electrical cables in bulk at a discounted rate so this might save you a good penny.

If you have lived in your house for a few decades and just took the electrical features for granted then you might want to consider getting an electrician to check if everything is up to code. It is a good idea to have an electrician do a safety check to see whether all the electrical cables and switches are functioning properly. With older houses there is a risk that the electrical cables may have become damaged over the years. This could occur due to a number of reasons such as years of wear, ant damage, and erosion or perhaps a mouse may have gnawed on the cable without you knowing it. Either way, because the electrical cables are not always in full view you don’t know if there’s something wrong. A faulty cable can lead to a spark and that spark can cause a fire. If you’re lucky you will be able to contain the little fire but if you’re not around and the fire goes out of control then you may lose your entire house to the blaze.

So it is best to be safe and to make sure that you have new electrical cables installed in your house you can buy from our electrical supply stores. At the time when you renovate your house is also a good time to check and fix any damaged cables. Because you are already undertaking the time and the effort of reconstructing the walls, checking the electrical cabling will be easier to check at this stage. It’s best to get it done and dusted while you’re renovating.

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