Tips To Help You Care for Your Garden

Here are some tips that will help you take care for your garden.

Healthy plants are happy plants. Whether you’re transplanting plants from nurseries or growing your own from seeds, check the plants so that you know there no pests nor rot.

The right amount of water. If you water the plants too much this can lead to the growth of fungi, leaf spots, and possibly dying plants. So rather water after the soil is dry and only add the sufficient amount.

Soil care. Soil should be refreshed every once in a while. Replace the soil from your local garden centre so that you know the quality of the soil is always good. When you look after the soil, the soil will look after your plants.

Clean your gardening tools. Garden tools should be cleaned to control disease and prevent transferring any bacteria or dangerous elements into your garden.

Perform plant maintenance. To make room for more plant growth it is important to prune your plants and remove any dead leaves and nodes.

Destroy the weeds. Weeds are garden killers.

Protect from animals. Set up a barrier around your garden bed, like a wire fence, to keep herbivores, critters, and other garden pests from destroying your plants.

At Elite Trade Centre, your gardening and building materials store, taking care of your garden is serious business. With products you can neaten and decorate your garden to create a beautiful and artistic space around your home or building.

With Spring here, now is the perfect time to get going with your garden!

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