Tips To Help You Care for Your Garden

Here are some tips that will help you take care for your garden.

Check the health of your plants. Whether you’re transplanting plants from nurseries or growing your own from seeds, fully inspect your garden plants to make sure they are pest and rot free.

Water properly. Overwatering can lead to fungi growth, leaf spots, and unhealthy plants. Only water as often as necessary during the growing season for your specific plant species, and let the soil dry between watering to keep it from over saturating.

Treat your soil. Soil degrades over time and needs to be refreshed every so often. You can get new soil from a local garden centre, so make sure to check the quality of your garden soil and replace when necessary. Adding mulch is also useful for retaining the soil moisture of your garden. Mulching material will keep weeds down while also supplying organic matter to your soil when it begins to degrade. Fertilizing your garden is another method to keeping it healthy.

Clean your gardening tools. Garden tools should be cleaned to control disease and prevent transferring any bacteria or dangerous elements into your garden.

Perform plant maintenance. Deadhead, prune, and cull your plants as needed. Deadheading removes old flower blooms to encourage new growth. Pruning is cutting back the branches of your plants to control growth and make room for more.

Destroy the weeds. Weeds are garden killers.

Protect from animals. Set up a barrier around your garden bed, like a wire fence, to keep herbivores, critters, and other garden pests from destroying your plants.

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With Spring here, now is the perfect time to get going with your garden!

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