How Tiles Can Transform Your Kitchen

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If you want to renovate your kitchen and you are happy with the cupboards you have installed, then you can opt to change the tiles. Or if you don’t have tiles yet, the tiles will transform the look of your kitchen altogether.

The floor can benefit greatly from a change and will create a big difference to the overall style of the kitchen. If you have old tiles or maybe you have laminate floors, you can take out the old flooring and replace it with new tiles. The modern trend with tiles is the large square tiles that create a soft and elegant feel. The bigger ones can make a big difference which will add to the transformation of the kitchen already. But you’re not done yet. If you want to transform your kitchen then you should also consider retiling the walls. Choose a tile that complements the styling of the floor and the counter tops. It will also have to suit the design of the cupboards because you want all the elements in the kitchen’s design to flow. Don’t choose colours that clash because the end result will look like you just slammed all the elements together. You want to take time to plan the kitchen design. Consider whether the countertops match the cupboards. Then get tile samples from a tile warehouse and hold it against the wall to get an impression of whether the tiles you have will look beautiful once installed. So if you have decided on a grey kitchen, for example, the cupboards may be a grey toned wood, the counter tops a sleek light grey granite, the wall tiles could be a white marbled tile and the floor tiles could also incorporate the marble effect. All the colours and patterns will flow to create a complete kitchen style.

Another way you can use tiles to transform your kitchen would be to use a bold colour. This will work in a kitchen set up where the cupboards are a neutral colour like white or a light wood grain shade. You can then play around with the colour of the tiles. You can go as bold as you dare. For a pop of colour you can opt for shades of orange, blue or green. For a monotone option which will be bold, a black tile would be interesting. But if you decide on black then choose a gloss tile for that modern appeal. If you can picture a kitchen with white cupboards and the tiles on the wall are black, green, orange or blue, that will create a depth in the design. For the floor, you can use the same colour to carry the style through or you can select a shade lighter that what is on the wall. So if you have a blue tile on the wall you can opt for a white tile with blue marbling.

There are many options available and these days the modern design is easily available at a tile shop or warehouse. So there’s no excuse to delay your dream kitchen.

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